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The old gods of RuneScape will return to re exert their authority

The series shows no signs of slowing down, and it's evolving in a different way this time around for the upcoming Runescape 3. It's still a browser-based, free MMO, but now it's going to be one that uses HTML5. Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard explains the move to Gamasutra: There needed to be a move, he says, but there were no clear answers as to where. Flash doesn't have the power. Microsoft's got something interesting with Silverlight, but it's only on Internet Explorer and there are no standards there. We could deploy our own custom plug-in, but then we'd see a cut on the install base. So there are no easy answers. And the more we looked at HTML5, we saw it as the future language.

Jagex, the developers of the infamous web-browser MMORPG RuneScape, has decided that it's time to put Java away and welcome in HTML5. The game developer knew that in order for the next sequel of RuneScape, RuneScape 3, to be successful, it needed to transition into a new engine. It considered Adobe Flash, but Flash didn't enough power to run the game, and it thought of Microsoft Silverlight, but Silverlight is limited only to Internet Explorer. "RuneScape 3 is a our big focus this summer, but we're going to shift a lot more of our attention to a version for mobile devices after that," the game's executive producer Phil Mansell told Digital Spy.

I decide to head north. The Wildy is where I was last headed, judging by my equipment, so I should probably check out that expanse of scum and villainy. I quickly reach a crumbling wall that must be activated to pass; no longer can you sneakily lure an unwitting player north and rob him blind. A group of skeletons ambush me, but the combat is hidden behind another pop-up that informs me that PK Skulls have been removed from the game. If anyone dies in the Wilderness they will drop ALL of their items now. In a way, that is comforting; being a bandit would have a much higher risk-reward factor in this new Runescape. But that was not the path of my brave Lord Strago. He was not an opportunist; he was an explorer, a true adventurer, and jack of all trades. WWF is really excited to be working on this project with Jagex, said Ed Partridge, digital corporate partnership manager, WWF.

It's a great opportunity for us to reach out to an engaged audience of RuneScape gamers and raise awareness of the threats facing some of the worlds' most endangered big cats in a fun and entertaining way. WWF would like to thank all RuneScape gamers; the response so far has been incredible! The price of gold was high and there was no answer to my pre sale question via email. The live help was okay and the delivery happened pretty quickly. A downside to note is the lack of activity on their social media accounts with low numbers of likes/followers. They also don't offer the option to buy mini games, accounts, dungeoneering tokens like their competitors do.

In terms of the game's universe, this update will see the world of Gielinor entering its sixth age. During this period, the old gods of RuneScape will return to re-exert their authority. Sounds like a theocratic nightmare waiting to happen. There's also word that the game's first community-focused world event, The Battle for Lumbridge, will be taking place shortly after launch. There are players who focus only on certain skills for varied reasons. Most of them do it for achievement while some do it for fun. A player is called "combat pure" if he only trains combat related skills and he is called a "skill pure" if he only trains non-combat skills. I actually do not understand why some people do it but hey it is their account so let us just leave them in peace. I am actually planning to create a Woodcutting pure. How cool is that?

The release of Bonds is one of the most important developments in RuneScape history. It enables loyal players who are short in real-life money to become members. It is a system where a player buys Bond for real-life money then trades it to other player for an in-game currency. I salute Jagex for coming up with this idea.

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