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The graphics change in RuneScape is clearly noticeable

I was 12 years old when I first played RuneScape. I did not like it at first because of its graphics but what made me attached to this game was that feeling of being one with your character. I fell in love with the game so much that I got mad at my friend when he said that RuneScape is a "piece of garbage". For me, it was a personal attack and I felt that our friendship should no longer continue. I cried for like 20 minutes and covered my whole body with sand and pretended that I am a cactus. Wait what? I just made that "cactus story" (obviously) but the pain was real. The struggle was real.

Understanding how Runescape can have any kind of impact - let alone one of significance - first requires some background knowledge. I spent near enough to the entirety of my life in the small semi-rural town of Glass House Mountains, in the same "rustic" Queenslander, on the same gravel street that only existed in refidex around the same time that Google Maps became the go-to navigational tool (pizza delivery was the worst.) In January of 2012, that same small-town kid - now 19-years-old - packed up his suitcase and caught his first ever international flight for an exchange program to the University of Wyoming, USA.

We're thrilled to be able to confirm the 22 July launch date for the most significant update in the game's history, says RuneScape executive producer Phil Mansell, who may just have a slight vested interest in this venture. Jagex Games Studio, creators and custodians of the fantasy MMORPG, RuneScape, has partnered with WWF to help raise awareness of the plight of big cats in the wild. Both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape are taking part in the effort, which has already raised over £66,000 for the charity. Players who take part in the Adopt a Big Cat activities, which take place until Friday 31st July, have the chance to adopt exclusive companion cubs based on four big cats, as well as titles for their in-game characters.

Jagex got in touch with both Google and Mozilla to work on HTML5, and both companies were helpful in working with the developer to optimize RuneScape for HTML5. Google provided a couple of HTML5 releases to guide Jagex along the way, and Mozilla worked with Jagex to "company proof Firefox" and make it more capable of handling the game. However, development on Internet Explorer has yet to begin. RuneScape could be released for tablets and other connected devices within the next year. Developer Jagex Games Studio is implementing a major overhaul of the browser-based MMO under the banner of RuneScape 3 and will work towards taking it multi-platform afterwards.

[IE] is still very much out there, but I think they'll close ranks at some point. So yeah, we have it. This is a game that's very self-aware. The player is plopped down into the middle of a medieval fort being stormed by one of the classic fantasy-bad race: trolls. The first thing you'll notice is that the game's graphics are superb for a browser-based title, and that the voice-acting in this introduction is superb. The tone of the attack has a delightful, cartoonish quality that I found instantly endearing. This was only made more effective by the use of excellent facial expressions and animations, something that remains consistent throughout the game.

The graphics change is clearly noticeable, with a much richer color tablet, shading, reflections and sky boxes. All these changes look absolutely gorgeous in the game and its clear that the team at Jagex has put their heart and soul into making this update the best they can. But it doesn't just stop at the graphics, Runescape's music and sounds will be getting updated with a much more intense feeling to help players fall into that fantasy world.

Speaking to Pocket-lint, Mark Gerhard, CEO of Jagex, explained that an iPad, iPhone and iPod touch-friendly Runescape is next on the agenda. "Technically there are some mobile devices with full support for HTML5 (Android-based) but this doesn't include the iPad or iPhone,he told us. Judging by the polls held by Jagex, most players were OK with Evolution of Combat and the most prevalent view was an equal appreciation of the old and new combat system. And now thanks to the return of old school Runescape you can play either system whenever you like.

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