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Runescape displays an amazing sense of timing

Now, Its been some time since I played Runescape and I currently have little knowledge of its current workings but a year ago a game I used to play in my childhood getting myself to combat level 100 and above was very fun and getting most of my quests unlocked or finished. It was the old way of gaming and runescape been the king of browser based gaming for years. I remember when in middle school in computer class on a fun day on the last day of school almost everyone in the room got on runescape and worked together to defeat everyone in the PvP zone.

For players of Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights, Runescape would feel very familiar - point-and-click gameplay, the default isometric view, numerous different locales, and dozens of hours of gameplay. Then, you'll reconsider the thought... Runescape isn't as similar as these games! Runescape is an entirely different gaming universe! Within the first few minutes (or hours), you'll find that this game stands tall on it own as a fun MMO with an amazing story and unique gameplay. The lore is actually the common fantasy-medieval plot device that spans a number of historic annals, much like Tolkien's work. But like every great MMO, Runescape displays an amazing sense of timing, slowly building you up for greater battles.

In a very cliche version of epic fantasy, Betrayal at Falador ("Betrayal"), has all your necessary components. There's the good guys, the squire and the knights, plus the dwarfs, the wizards, the druids, etc. And then there's the bad guys, the ones from out of town who want to rule over everyone in sight...for no apparent reason than having power, the werewolves, the goblins, and even the chaos dwarfs (opposite of good guy dwarfs). The bad guys want to conquer, the good guys want to prevent this, there's also a mystery of a possible traitor among the good guys...but that's what we get. Under impossible situation after impossible situation, I'm sure you can imagine who takes the cake at the end of the day.

May be because this is a browser based game, the graphics are not that great, but they are easy on the eyes. But the advantage is that you can do other things while you may be playing this game. Members get regular game updates. Unlike other games, it is very easy to start playing RuneScape. All that you have to do it to create an account in their website. You can easily locate RuneScape client on their official website. After you fire it up, the game will download a few files. Surprisingly it does not take long. Once the download is complete, you are all set to begin the adventure! No wonder this game has become popular.

They may also attempt to make fake letters, like using "!3" as a B, and then writing a swear word out of that. Players can report this, but by then, they have already been exposed to the bad language or comments. This is the biggest concern for kids playing the game, beyond game play violence, as there is fighting and killing involved. RuneScape's minimum age is 13, which this reviewer agrees is a good minimum. Per the site, RuneScape was never intended for children. Despite this, they do a great job of keeping kids safe.

Therefore, on top of the $7.95/mo membership fee an additional $5-15 (depending on voting outcome) will be incurred. Only if the voting reaches 750,000 will the servers are open to free players. After learning all the details I’m not sure if it will be worth the money to get that nostalgic feeling back again. Although there are much better games on the market these days I will still find myself missing the close knit community and addicting qualities that made Runescape a childhood classic.

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